What is a Percolator Bong

So what is a percolator bong? Well to simplify things it is a type of bong normally produced in glass. The difference of the percolator bongs to a regular glass bong is a small glass shape that is located inside the bong. So these ‘shapes’ are the percolator and can come in many different shapes and sizes. A few common examples of the types of percolator is ‘trees’, ‘honeycombs’, and ‘spirals’. There are way more types but I don’t want to cause too much confusion so I just listed the most popular types.

What do these percolators look like?

It all depends on the type of percolator. A honeycomb is a disc that fits in the bongs tube, it has lots of pin holes to allow the smoke to come through. A tree percolator has a trunk with lots of branches coming off which aim downwards, each branch has diffuser slits, which are just slits with a fancy name! Spirals are just how they sound, literally just a spiral shaped piece of glass that the smoke spins round in. Most percolator bongs include more than one percolator, some can even include different types of percs in a crazy combo! I myself have a large glass bong that includes 5 tree percolators, it is an absolute beast!

Are percolator bongs worth it?

Yes! They really are worth paying the extra money for. I myself hate to buy into a sales pitch and I avoided percolator bongs for a long time as I felt like a bit of a fool; this was because I didn’t believe they could make a difference. But one day I found one that looked so attractive I just went ahead and bought it, and as soon as I experienced that smooth smoke I was amazed. To me the thought of separating smoking sounded silly and I couldn’t imagine how it could be effective in any way, but obviously I was very wrong. I had never felt smoke like this before, the only bad point I can think of is if you go back to a normal glass bong and end up coughing on that rough smoke!

The effects of smoking

With all this talk about ‘what is a percolator bong’, it is easy to forget that smoking is not a good thing to put your body through. Even if you are smoking something more friendly, e.g. not including tobacco in your cannabis, you still need to think about your health. Please watch the video below.